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Wherever you are, you can to do a language course online through communicating via video telephone calls and emails.

In my online lessons you can practice speaking via Skype in the familiarity and quietness of your home. Using the integrated chat system I can record our dialogues live.

This makes it easier to update new vocabulary, to explain important phrases and to correct frequently made mistakes. This will help you to consolidate your new knowledge and to remember new words and their correct spelling. You can also send me a text you have written about a subject of your choice and we can discuss it online.

Speaking and writing are important aspects in learning a language - also in exams.

Here are even more benefits of my online courses:

  • You can be flexible with your learning time.
  • You don't have to leave your home.
  • You decide what and how you learn.
  • One-to-one situation with your teacher.
  • Your teacher is a native speaker.

You can book these bundles:

6 lessons video telephone calls including 3 text corrections via Email 180 Euro
10 lessons video telephone calls including 5 text corrections via Email 280 Euro