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German Language Training in Single Lessons or Small Groups

To train the German language in single lessons or small groups means:
You achieve more with less lessons, because you learn aimed and individually

Flexible Timing

If much of your time is taken by your professional occupation we arrange lessons at the weekend, after work or during lunch break.

Individual and fitted to personal needs

According to your interests we determine your target and suitable topics. For example: You want to train your professional vocabulary and communicate fluently in your fields. Perhaps you want special advice for your individual study or for preparing for your exams. Or you only want to brush up your German for a stay in Bremen.

Communicative – lively – varied

Whoever learns the German language wants to talk to people and understand. Therefore we concentrate your training on everyday life or professional situations. In role play for example you can at once implement that what you have learned. So you learn more effectively, you are more successful and you have more fun. Grammar training is done using concrete examples. Instead of monotonous drill you practise in logical contexts. From the very beginning the training of correct pronunciation is an important part of instructions, as well as the understanding of idiomatic German.

Relaxed and positive atmosphere

Everybody knows: you learn better, if you are relaxed. Many students feel far too much under pressure. They are strained and learn less effectively. You should get used to short intervals of relaxation and vitalisation which open your mind. You have a better motivation if you stay active instead of brooding over books, texts and grammar. A pleasant and positive atmosphere accompanies your personal progress and guarantees optimal success of learning.

Learning how to learn

Der, die das – articles, prepositions or vocabularyare not easy to memorize. There are techniques which make your learning easier and more efficient. For example: Mindmappings, Memo- Technique, Fantasy- trips and more. Be curious!

Special service: correction and personal feedback

Learning content ought to be practised at home. For this purpose I prepare appropriate exercises. You learn the language more successfully by writing texts from the beginning. Invent little stories, write letters, e-mails or postcards. Just sit down at your computer, send me the text and you will receive the correction with personal feedback.